Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Harrison Gallery and The Clark

Meadow Path by John Macdonald
The Harrison Gallery specializes in contemporary American artists, with a focus on landscapes.The Harrison's featured artists were John MacDonald's paintings and Paul Caponigro's photographs. MacDonald's work, pictured above, was of landscapes in and around Williamstown.  The quality of the paints is almost encaustic in appearance.  I couldn't decide if that was a mixing choice or a medium effect until reading the artist's statement.  He's a plein air painter interested in light and texture.  The work is loose and expressive and clearly captures the local landscape.  It evokes a bit of Edward Hopper for me.

The Clark is a very interesting place.  It  houses the private collection of the Clarks, (he, grandson of Singer Sewing Machine founder) and has a mission to dedicated to research and extending and advancing the public understanding of art.  The holdings are extensive, museum quality and quantity. This trip was a bit disappointing because the original building is under renovation and the current show is recent archaeological discoveries of northern China.  I admit this lack of interest is due to my complete ignorance of Chinese art, religion, culture, etc, etc.  I did enjoy a couple of the sculptures. Zhenmushou (Tomb Guardian Beasts) from the Tang dynasty.  The expressions and the melding of beasts/humans was captivating.  And the Warrior Guardian from the Qi dynasty because of his posturing amused me greatly.  
 ZhenmushouWarrior Guardian

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