Friday, July 20, 2012

Sanford Smith Fine Art

Untitled by Michael Zelehoski
Cape Light by Warner Friedman
The Sanford Smith gallery in Great Barrington paired two regional artists who complemented one another and gave greater meaning to the show's title, Double Vision.  Zelehoski's work is composed of found wooden objects that are embedded in flat panels.  Friedman is a more traditional landscape artist but uses shaped canvases.  So, if you can imagine the canvas above literally shaped like the railings, you have the picture.  They both address the idea of perspective, fooling the eye, the idea of canvas as window.  I found them both to be equally abstract and realistic in their presentations.  I think Zelehoski's work has more integrity and asks more of the viewer.  Friedman somehow wants to do all the work for me when it comes to suspending my doubt.