Friday, February 27, 2015

Towhee and Bluejay

Towhee, 10"x8", Oil on Board
This is my second session on this eastern towhee whose photograph was generously provided by Jim Sears.  Towhees are a kind of large sparrow with a chunky body and a long rounded tail.  They rummage in the undergrowth for food making more noise than expected.  This one is making his way through the snow for seeds fallen from the feeder.

Bluejay, 10"x8", Oil on Board
I've been struggling with the ground on this bluejay painting. Yesterday's work yielded a much more orange ground.  I toned that today with some naples yellow and burnt sienna.  

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Cardinals, 8"x8", Oil on Board
After spending 12 days in Costa Rica, I am more intrigued than ever by our feathered friends.  The diversity of the birds in Costa Rica is phenomenal.  However, I'm sticking with birds I live with and are indigenous to New England.  These two female cardinals represent how color can vary with light and weather.  The lady on the right is sitting in rain with her crown pulled back.  The light was low and gray.  The left hand cardinal sits on a branch in a bright snowy day.  She was chirping away and proud of her crown.