Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Looking at these images side by side clearly illustrates the problems associated with digital photography and screen images. Color shifts, fuzziness and lost details are some of those problems. I've been occupied with other things this week and only been in the studio for a few minutes at a time. Yesterday we went to see the new Isabella Stewart Gardner wing in Boston. I have some thoughts on the new wing. Don't know if they hold water or not. They are just initial reactions. First, I don't like the strong green copper sheathing and warehouse-like exterior. I would prefer something more victorian era Bostonian. Why not complement the palace rather than contradict it. But, I also understand that this is not Gardner's palace. It is a place for artists, new work, conservation, etc. However, if I was a neighbor I would be very displeased looking at a box. As for the interior, I loved it. In addition to opening the walls with glass to the skyline, the gardens and the palace, it is physically comfortable. The stairs were a perfect pitch and incline for me. The flooring seemed soft although it was slate (?). The colors were so much fun in the cafe, living room and bathrooms. The Calderwood Hall with its small footprint and 3 levels of one row deep balconies is a perfect mirror for the Gardner's atrium. Finally, I wanted to buy everything in the store.