Friday, August 7, 2015

Patty Larkin

Hydrangeas in Cobalt Vase, 2015, Oil on Board, 10"x10"
This painting has found a lovely home in Boston.  It sits on a wall near a door where is can be seen regularly.  The new owners are great appreciators of art, nature, animals, and all things beautiful.  
Having delivered Hydrangeas, my house critic and I met friends at the MFA to hear Patty Larkin perform in the courtyard.  We arrived early and spent time in the American Wing looking at a small curated show of 100 years of American Ceramics.  Most interested were pieces from The Saturday Evening Girls' Club (SEG).  The designs evoke the Arts and Crafts Movement.  Read more about the club, its purpose and Sara Galner, one of the best artists here.  This club is a significant part of a book I recently read, The Boston Girl, by Anita Daimant.  More about the show in here.

Sara Galner, right, and her work, left.

We listened to the Patty Larkin concert from Bravo's balcony where we had dinner.  The sound was somewhat distorted from there, but it was more pleasant than sitting on sand chairs.  The sky stayed blue throughout the concert and the sun cast pink and purple light on the spars clouds.