Monday, March 31, 2014

Highbush Blueberry, Winter

Highbush Blueberry, 34"x24", Oil on Board
I worked a lot on the small stems and snow in the sky,  My next decision is to determine how dense to make the small bushes in the bottom.  

Friday, March 28, 2014

Back in the Studio with Highbush Blueberry

Highbush Blueberry Winter, 34" x 24" Oil on Board (2011)
Highbush Blueberry Winter, 34" x 24", Oil on Board

I returned to my studio this week after 2 months away.  I found myself completely dry of ideas and decided to rework High Bush Blueberry, Winter.  This was the 3rd in the series of the high bush that I see on my walk through the woods.  I've been dissatisfied with this painting since calling it finished.  I could never get the bush to glow against the blue like I thought it should.  Recently, I was at the Boston MFA and looked again at Childe Hassam's Boston Common.  His use of oranges and yellows on a snowy day inspired me to rethink my palette.  I'm so surprised how much more the burnt sienna and umber of the bush actually pop against the oranges and reds than against their compliments.  I will continue along with this change, and post the results when done.
Meanwhile, I checked in at Roger's Gallery to discover that my Hydrangeas had just sold.  I brain-stormed with Ruthie and Carol about future paintings and came away with a refreshed enthusiasm.  As my teacher, Reginna Granne always advised, "just go into the studio 20 minutes a day and work will come."