Sunday, December 2, 2018

A Parallel Universe

Chickadee with Hydrangea, Oil on Board, 10x10"
Vern Laux, the late bird expert who reported weekly on NPR, once reported that the Black Capped Chickadee lives in a universe parallel to ours.  I've seen evidence of this when refilling the feeder.  They will flit around fussing and trying to land on the feeder while I refill completely ignoring or ignorant of my presence.  They are a small little bundle of energy, almost warrior like as they rush from feeder to tree in a never ending forage.  

The hydrangea that grows in our yard offers a shelter to the chickadee as well as a perfect mirrored contrast to his rustic rump.  As of late, I am searching for a new way to present the bird.  Thoughts of the bird's habitat and food source are under consideration.