Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hydrangeas, Etc.

Amaryllis, 10"x7", Oil on Board
Dahlia, 10"x7", Oil on Canvas

I spent most of today getting these two paintings ready for the Judith Klein Gallery,  Both are being reworked.  The Dahlia originally had a cobalt blue ground with some very loosely worked greens in the lower third.  The Amaryllis has been cut down.  Originally there was a dark blue pot and Oriental rug.  There is still work to be done.  I think I will increase the leaf sizes in the dahlia.  

Hydrangeas, Oil on Board, 23"x34"

I did find time to work in one more small blossom, right in the center.  Looking here I think I may be half way across the board.  I definitely need to lessen the intensity of the blue blossom in the lower left corner.