Saturday, July 14, 2012

Wit Gallery

According to their web site, "An acronym for "Wonders In Time" The Wit Gallery focuses on art that brings a feeling of warmth and hospitality which transcends time.  While the works intrigue me, I don't trust them.  There is too much commercialism, too much "oh, isn't that neat, cute, pretty, unusual".  While quite skillful and polished, the works seem to be contrived and made for Architectural Digest.  Somehow, the artist's hand has disappeared.  It's almost as if Pier One Imports showed up.  And for some inexplicable reason, to me it smacks of California art.  

The above painting by Suzanne Howes-Stevens is an example of the gallery works.  It is oil over a collaged map which locates the painting's site. The painting is framed by and bleeds into the map.  While the idea of using the map to restate the idea of landscape is interesting, the very formal and clean use of it defies nature (IMHO).   Also, every painting of Howes-Stevens looks more or less like the one above.  She's found her schtick and she schticking with it.