Saturday, December 6, 2014


Alberto Giacometti, “Head of Diego on ‘La Psychanalyse'” 
There is a very good online 'zine, Hyperallergic, which published a piece today on The New 
York Studio School's exhibit of Alberto Giacometti's drawings.  I've always enjoyed Giacometti's works.  They are so dense, yet clear.  Once, when touring a cave and observing the stalagmites, I commented on their Giacometti-like appearance.  A man near me misunderstood, laughed and said to his wife, "she thinks they look like chocolate bunnies."  I guess not all cave visitors are culturally literate.  Now, every time I see a Giacometti, I say, "Look. There is a chocolate bunnie."  There is a quote from Giacometti, “The more one works on a picture the more impossible it becomes to finish it.” that I relate to.  This phenomenon is becoming self evident with Lilacs. More of Giacometti's work can be seen at Artsy.