Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Three Little Birds

Mama Cardinal, 6"x6", Oil on Board
Baby Jay, 6"x6", Oil on Board
Gold Finch, 6"x6", Oil on Board
These little bird studies began through photography.  I was experimenting with a new camera's zoom and capturing birds in an almost fluid manner.  I was intrigued by both the amount of expression that was able to come through the eyes and the movement of the space.  From there I approached the idea of painting them quickly, expressively with the goal of creating a space that also appeared as fast and energetic as the photo.  I wanted the space around the birds to have an air of movement and time.  

Saturday, December 6, 2014


Alberto Giacometti, “Head of Diego on ‘La Psychanalyse'” 
There is a very good online 'zine, Hyperallergic, which published a piece today on The New 
York Studio School's exhibit of Alberto Giacometti's drawings.  I've always enjoyed Giacometti's works.  They are so dense, yet clear.  Once, when touring a cave and observing the stalagmites, I commented on their Giacometti-like appearance.  A man near me misunderstood, laughed and said to his wife, "she thinks they look like chocolate bunnies."  I guess not all cave visitors are culturally literate.  Now, every time I see a Giacometti, I say, "Look. There is a chocolate bunnie."  There is a quote from Giacometti, “The more one works on a picture the more impossible it becomes to finish it.” that I relate to.  This phenomenon is becoming self evident with Lilacs. More of Giacometti's work can be seen at Artsy.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Lilacs in the Mist

Lilacs in Mist, 17" x 24.5", Oil on Board

I'm still not convinced the lilacs are prominent enough.  I added some details to the background to clarify the space.  Slow, slow, slow going.