Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Hydrangeas In Progress

Hydrangeas, Oil on Board, 10"x10"
We have planted 4 hydrangeas this spring where the rosa rugosa were.  They are heavy with blooms.  And, the rosa seems happier in its new home.  This is the third painting session with Hydrangeas.  It has quite a bit of green compared to other hydrangeas I've painted.  The upper right will need some variety and contrast.  

Pink Rhododendrons

Pink Rhododendrons, 2019, Oil on Board, 8"x8"
Even though I continue to tweak this painting, I can call it finished.  My goal toward the end was to distinguish between the flowers so the eye could breakdown the painting.  Just looking now, I consider making the unopened stamen in the center of the painting more intense so that they may become a focal point.