Thursday, February 14, 2013

Love at Judith Klein Gallery


Patrick Moore                     Michael  Brisson                   Christy     Gunnels
Karen Raus                        Marjorie  Puryear                 Sheila  Oliviera
Robert Hunt                       Elizabeth  Wilkinson              Michelle Lapointe
Marianne  Stebenne          Lynne    Tobin                       Pat  Daughton
Louren  Friedman              Mark  Delisle                        Jim Sears
Valorie Sheehan               Lori  Bradley                       Judith Klein    

ARTISTS represented by the Gallery
Sheila Oliviera  - Photography
Karen Raus      - Photography
Jeff  Smallett    -  Painting
Christy Lague  -  Painting
Judith Klein     -   Prints and Painting

High Crafts:  jewelry ,pottery, textile, and wood work
Christy Gunnels presents a painting of a stern middle-aged woman (self-portrait, perhaps?) astride a hard chair. She is in a realistic rectangle in the center of the work, but she is surrounded by a dense abstraction that appears to close in around her like a mad villain's death trap in a James Bond movie. The title, "Boxed In," suggests discomfort within the confines of a relationship.